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Essay Writers: Choose A Good Topic and Use PEEL Method

Every student is expected to write and submit lots of essays, on all different study courses and while some might enjoy the task, most students find it overbearing. Nowadays students struggle with lots of tasks and usually have very tight schedules. In such a scenario, they find it difficult to dedicate essays the time and effort they deserve and end up losing valuable marks in the process.
As a student who is expected to submit essays on a very regular basis, you have 2 choices - either turn to professional essay writers or handle the task yourself by making the most of methods like PEEL and DRAPES. These are essay writing techniques that help students draft impressive essays. The first step to writing essays, however, is always choosing a good topic and unless that has been done, there is no point going forward.

Picking a Good Essay Topic

As all essay writers would know, choosing a good essay topic is the first step in writing an essay. The topic that you choose should be interesting, relevant and make for a good read. Here are some tips on choosing an essay topic:
  1. Make sure that you pick a topic that of personal interest to you. This will ensure that you are motivated to research and write. However, make sure that you do not let your persona biases set the tone for the essay.
  2. Do not choose a topic that is too obscure just to make your essay unique. An obscure topic will not have enough research material on it and you will then find it difficult to frame the write up well.
  3. While controversy is good, try and avoid topics that are overly controversial. This becomes even more important if you are strongly opinionated about something.
  4. Pick a topic that you know will have sample research material on it.
  5. Start by picking a broad topic and then narrow it down as much as possible. This way, you will have a list of topics to choose from.
Once you have selected a topic, you can go ahead and write the perfect essay by following the PEEL technique.

PEEL Essay Writing Technique

PEEL is an effective essay writing technique. Each alphabet stands for a unique component. When used in conjunction with some essential guidelines, the PEEL technique can help you write a really good essay.
P - Point
E - Evidence
E - Evaluation
L - Link
The main aim of PEEL is to make academic writing persuasive, impressive and compelling.
Point - Make a strong point in the opening sentence. This will give a good and interesting introduction of what lies ahead.
Evidence - Provide proper evidence to support your arguments and points throughout the essay.
Evaluation - Evaluate the merits of your arguments and logics. Also provide a thorough evaluation of any traditional arguments that go against your own conclusions.
Link - Link all your paragraphs together, thereby making sure that your essay reads like a story instead of just a huge chunk of haphazard content.
With the PEEL method of essay writing, you will be able to write an essay that will not only impress your professors and peers but also fetch you good marks. Once you have learned all the nuances of PEEL, you will find that it indeed is an amazing tool.

Professional Essay Writers

If you feel that you need help in writing the perfect essay, you can always turn to a professional writing service. With a team of experienced essay writers, these services will ensure that you have a good, flawless essay that is ready for submission well before the deadline.
In order to find a reliable and reasonably priced service provider, all you need to do is carry out a quick Internet search. You will have a comprehensive list of service providers within seconds and you can then proceed to narrow the list down till you have found the most suitable professional.
With a professionally written essay, you can rest assured that you will get a good grade.
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