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Essay Help: Use Quotes of World Leaders in your Political Science Essay

Writing well-researched and well-structured essays is an important part of a Political Science student's curriculum. Many students often require essay help to ensure success. As a student of Political Science, you are expected to submit essays that show that you have referenced to the right material and have been attentive in class. Whether your teacher assigns you a topic or you are picking a topic yourself, make sure that you do your essay research well so that everything that you put in the write up is easily understandable and makes sense.
Adding quotes to an essay is one of the most important aspects, especially when it is a Political Science essay. You will be required to quote prominent people and leaders to substantiate the statements and arguments that you make in the essay.

Adding Quotes

Quoting prominent people in an essay depends mainly on 2 factors:
1) The appropriateness of the argument or paragraph where you want to include the quote.
2) The whole idea behind the argument which you want to substantiate with the quote.
It is important that you add quotes only when it is required in the instructions. Also, the quote should be in-line with what you are trying to prove or say. Make sure that you do not make any changes to the quotes because these are direct quotes and are required to stay the way they originally were.
There are 2 basic rules that you need to follow when adding direct quotes from world leaders in your Political Science essay:
1) Insert quotation marks at the beginning and end of the quote.
2) Add proper citation at the end of the quote or in the bibliography section of the essay.
Direct quotes, especially from prominent world leaders, can be a tricky thing to deal with. You need to make sure that there are no mistakes and everything is in place. Even the smallest of words need to be the same. If you make any changes (no matter how small) and proceed to enclose the quote in quotation marks, you could end up losing marks because the teacher or guide might tell you that you made mistakes with the quote or tried to pass a paraphrased quote as a direct one.

Questions you should ask yourself before you decide to add a direct quote to your Political Science essay:

In order to ensure that your Political Science essay is well written, you must include direct quotes from important world leaders. Just make sure these quotes are relevant and in favor of your arguments and you can rest assured that your essay will turn out well and fetch you the marks you deserve. If you feel lost, you can always seek essay help from your instructor.

Adding Citations

Whenever you add a direct quote, you must add proper citation at the end of it or in the bibliography section of the essay. It is only when you add citations to referenced material and credit people properly that you can rest assured that you will not be penalized for plagiarism and/or lose marks for poorly referenced material.
The citation for a direct quote should ideally follow the format that is required by your teacher or professor. If no specific guidelines have been given in this regard, pick a format that is most acceptable and one that you find easy to follow. Adding citations is very important; so make sure that you do not skip this step. If the format confuses you, seek citation and essay help from your guide or professor.
If you, at any point of time, feel that all this writing, formatting and quoting is causing too much confusion, you can get essay help for your upcoming submission. There are a lot of experienced writing professionals who would be happy to help you draft and submit the perfect Political Science essay, complete with relevant and reliable quotes from world leaders and intelligent content. With a professional essay writer by your side, you can rest assured that your Political Science essay will be well written and something that will impress your teachers and instructors.
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