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Essay Assistance: Useful Techniques

In reality, it is difficult to find a perfect essay. You can strive to write a near perfect essay which can be done only by repeated writing of essays. This will also improve the style and substance of your essay. This requires hard work from your end. In addition, you must be familiar with essay assistance: useful techniques for writing a good essay.
Some of the essay assistance tips are given below.

You should not write your essay keeping your lecturer in mind

First and foremost thing in essay writing is to refrain from writing for your lecturer or writing for assessment. This is essential because you might become nervous and strive for a standard which may not be required in your case. You will tend to omit details assuming that your lecturer knows all of them and in this process you might produce an incomprehensible essay.
In fact you must write the essay for an intelligent, friendly, but uniformed audience to whom you are asked to explain your essay. This will make you feel the necessity of being clear and systematic thereby making you less anxious and nervous.
Your essay should not be a rehash of a number of correct answers to please your teacher. Essays test your ability to question, analyse and criticize various things including that of your lecturers. You could develop counter arguments and bring in additional evidence.

Do not postpone the essay to the last minute

Writing a good academic essay takes a lot of effort and time and postponing writing to the last minute will result in a bad essay and it may not be possible for you to make the grade.

Discuss your essay with others

It is possible to write your essay with your own effort; however it is advisable to discuss it with other persons in the study group and professors which will make sure that your essay is of highest quality.

Put yourself in the shoes of the reader

While writing the essay, you must think about the questions that the reader of your essay will ask - clarity and validity of your points, logical continuity of your essay etc. You must be convincing while presenting your material.


It is not practical to write an acceptable essay in your first attempt and you may have to realize that repeated drafting should be done to bring out a precise, high quality essay. This could be depressing but well worth it.

Use examples to prove your point of view

Citing examples is the best way to prove a subtle point in your essay. These examples as far as possible should be clearly understandable by your audience.

Reason out your arguments

Every point in your essay must be accompanied by rigorous and careful reasoning and argumentation. You should not rely on hunch, authority, tradition etc. Do not use assertiveness without reasoning.

Relevance is the key

One of the important points in essay assistance is relevance. Your essay must contain only relevant information and analysis. All unnecessary information that clutters your essay must be culled out after your first draft.

Coherence is a necessity

The whole essay must be coherent enough for the reader to understand clearly what you are trying to say. The points should fit into your overall theme. Use headings, sub-headings, numbered paragraphs etc. to make your points clearly understandable. This will also improve your own thoughts while writing.

Clarity and Precision are very important

This will decide whether you make the grade or not in your essay. You cannot get away by writing an unclear and imprecise essay and make the grade.

Do not copy from other's works

It may be necessary to use information from other author's works; however you should not copy from these works as is. Use your own words to make the point.

Do not exceed the word limit

All essays have a prescribed word limit. It is not advisable to exceed this limit thereby making the reader disinterested in your essay.

Always reach a conclusion

You must always take a position on your essay. Writing your arguments without reaching a conclusion will be meaningless. The conclusion may or may not be conventional but you must still conclude. Evaluation of your conclusion will be done based on your arguments and reasoning.


You must always acknowledge the sources from which you obtained the materials. Quotations also have to be referenced.
If you follow the above mentioned essay assistance techniques your essay will receive a high grade.
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