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Custom essay papers: use Schaffer method to write your essays

In this day and age the life of a student is bombarded with scores of requirements, worries and cares. They have to entertain thoughts, concerns and plans with reference to their job, family, relational issues and school. What's more, one of the large amounts of scholastic assignments focuses on submitting essay papers. And writing them is not really a trouble-free and effortless undertaking. Although we cannot blame the members of the academic community for constantly making students write essay papers. Essay writing is a great way for professors to scrutinize and inspect a student's writing skill and it is also one of the basic writing tasks that are being used in all of our educational levels. At some point in a student's academic life, essay papers are most often too difficult or strange for them to comprehend and do that they are faced in putting their grades and future careers in jeopardy. Majority of students aside from not having any idea or skills to write neither a good essay paper nor do they have the time to carry on with their respective essay tasks. This never ending dilemma could prove to be very traumatic for a student who already hates writing but looks forward to finishing his education. So what are custom essay papers? It can be characterized as a paper that is conventionally written to describe, define or take stock of an assumption.

Choose a good topic to be interested in writing your essay

One must remember that as a process, this essay describes data that has been researched on in order to provide foundation and reinforcement on a specified topic. This is where custom essay papers are trickier and complicated as compared to the usual standard essays for they have to adhere to the topic and a set of instructions. Here the writer must have a passion for bringing together the essential and required data before even starting with the writing course of action. What is more, for one to be able to write a fairly respectable quality essay, one must have a good thorough knowledge of the techniques in essay writing. Furthermore, this working knowledge of essay writing must take account of a knowhow of formats, framework organization and referencing. To save oneself from losing time and wasting energy one must have a working knowledge of the items identified as they do about their writing procedure.

Plan your work and track the time spent on each step

The preliminary phase for writing custom essay papers is brainstorming. From the term itself it is taking into account that there is a certain amount of data that one already has in their consciousness or mind and all that one have to do is get the minor data to support it. As your teacher give you a topic one must self contemplate and mentally map out where to begin, how to do about it and what are the other things that one must collect to support such realization or future proposal. Sub topics should be relevant and pertinent enough to relevantly explain ones main idea. Meaning topics must get its support from, all its sub-topics and established standard which is the topic of the essay. The thoughts and ideas, that the writerhas, must get combine to get started on the main topic of an essay.

Use Schaffer method to write an impressive essay

As one must go about gathering their thoughts, ideas and most important data and make a parallel with the focal topic, the subsequent step of custom essay papers is for one to go about making their essay outline. This is where one could make use of the Schaffer method of writing essays. Formulated by Jane Schaffer it is conventionally well-known as the Schaffer paragraph or Schaeffer paragraph. It is a five-sentence paragraph that could be integrated in the rest of the essay that may not be Schaffer paragraphs, like the beginning and the end of an essay. To facilitate and assist students to better put together their ideas this particular form of paragraph is widely used in the United States for classes in the middle school and high school. Even with its effectively in helping students write a good essay, it has been found out that this kind of format gets in the way of a student's desire and ability to have the initiative to create their own ideas and impede their critical thinking skill. Thus after students have a general know how of essay writing then they are discouraged from using this format and encouraged to have the freedom to use their own style of writing their respective essays.
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