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Communication Paper: Tips and Topics

One of the most challenging tasks college and university students regularly face is getting the hang of communication techniques and using them to share ideas/perceptions in a way perfectly understandable to other people.

What is communication

In layman's terms, communication refers to any act of transferring information by means of signs and symbols. Communication is also defined as an act of receiving or exchanging information, ideas, and opinions in a manner that is well understood by both parties involved. Nowadays, people use different media platforms, such as cell phones, TV, radio, Internet, and newspapers, to communicate. This way of exchanging information is very important not only to individuals but to companies as well, since they can improve their overall performance and avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

Ways of communication

  • Music
  • Painting
  • Symbols
  • Mimes
  • Photos or pictures

Students get assigned the paper on communication to explore a very important topic, and it may so happen that they will end up making some groundbreaking finding that is not yet described in the existing literature. Being the authors of the discovery, they can even publish the results of their work, and that is precisely what makes writing the communication paper so appealing to them. The communication paper usually reports some novel approaches and unconventional solutions to the existing problems no one has suggested before.

Tips for effective communication

As a student, have you ever wondered why some people are very effective communicators, while others can barely get their message across? Actually, the communication process involves several stages, of which the most important ones are:

1) formulating the message;

2) conveying the message;

3) making sure the recipient understands the message clearly and unambiguously.

If you want to get your message across accurately and concisely, you should keep in mind the following three things:

  • The message;
  • The receiver;
  • How the message is received.

Whichever you pick, your papers on communication should provide information in a clear and straightforward manner, allowing your audience to get something new out of it. It should not contain any technical slang that is very difficult to comprehend, nor should it be boring which may result in you losing important grades.

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25 Communication Paper Topics

  1. Non-verbal communication in different cultures explained.
  2. How to make an interview more successful and effective.
  3. How can companies and organizations reduce communication costs?
  4. Explain how communication has been made more effective due to the Internet.
  5. Discuss the causes of miscommunication among employees.
  6. Why is two-way communication so crucial?
  7. Explain why communication is considered incomplete when there is no feedback.
  8. Why are good interpersonal skills so vitally important in communicating with your clients?
  9. Discuss how the language barrier can be a hindrance to effective communication.
  10. How to communicate effectively.
  11. Ways of avoiding conflicts at work.
  12. A list of communication techniques that work for anybody.
  13. Effective communication techniques essential for the customer support manager.
  14. How to ensure effective communication between employees and eliminate conflicts.
  15. What are the various techniques for enhancing listening?
  16. Explain how cultural differences can affect communication.
  17. Changes that telecommunication technologies brought about in the world.
  18. Explain how body language can be useful in communication.
  19. Discuss how graphical aids can be used as a means of communication in the world of business.
  20. Analyse and discuss general communication errors.
  21. Discuss how to write an effective resume.
  22. Why is feedback important to any organization in ensuring effective communication?
  23. Analyse and discuss communication challenges.
  24. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of automated voice systems companies use to communicate with their customers.
  25. Is the Internet the best way of passing important information quickly and accurately?

Feel free to select any of the above communication research paper topics, which can help you cope with this challenging task. Keep in mind that apart from choosing a topic, you should also conduct thorough research, making sure to find some new and yet undiscovered information pertaining to the subject of your research. The communication paper is really important because it can influence your overall academic performance, so we recommend that you take it very seriously.

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