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Cheap Essay Writing: Use DRAPES For Easy Writing

Academic essays, often, could be tough to write and boring to read. The method of DRAPES helps with cheap essay writing. Each of the letters of the word represents a different component for an excellent essay. These are: Dialogue for D, Rhetorical Question for R, Analogy for A, Personal experience for P, Example for E, and Statistics for S. Through utilizing these components together with a few basic rules of cheap essay writing, supports for topics and ideas will become easier and your essay will appear more convincing and interesting.

Organize Thoughts

Using a blank sheet of paper, write down all of your thoughts. Each of the paragraphs must have its very own part on the paper. Each of the sections, except for the essay's introduction, must contain the paragraphs with main idea including two to three DRAPES components. The section of the introduction must contain the essay's topic, the reasons why you've chosen the topic, and at least two DRAPES. There usually are six required parts to completely utilize DRAPES.
  1. Use dialogue: Make use of one professional's opinion. This professional can be anybody like a parent, a doctor, or a government official. You could utilize either a reworded statement of a quote or the exact quote itself. If you opt for the direct quotation, always remember to enclose it within question marks.
  2. Use rhetorical inquiries: These, actually, are questions that could make all readers think but not the kind where the reader has to answer it like "how can someone get away from television addiction?" The idea behind is to make a statement which could make a reader think. When this is placed in the essay's introduction, this should invite the reader to continue reading. These are excellent to be employed in the conclusion and introductory paragraph.
  3. Use analogies: Use metaphors and similes to be able to emphasize a point. Simile compares two subjects with the use of the words "like" and "as" like "You are as beautiful as the sky". Metaphor, on the other hand, declares that a particular thing is something else like "The angry dog is Satan". You, also, could improve the essay through slipping in some short stories and anecdotes which could convey the message you are trying to bring about.
  4. Make use of a personal experience: Write something which could feature a personal experience which is related to the main idea of the essay. For instance, when you're writing about the reasons why divorce is considered terrible, you may say that your own parents went through divorce and it has made you very depressed. The experience must be firm enough to make the reader agree with your stand.
  5. Use examples: Make examples regarding the position you are going to make. If the written material looks excellent and utilized examples support the ideas, it could make a position appear bad, most especially, on an essay that is persuasive. Personal experiences and examples, most often, go hand in hand.
  6. Use statistics: Use rations and percentages to be able to support your stand. Always remember to mention where the statistics was borrowed.

Write An Introduction

Make sure to contain your cheap essay writing sentences within DRAPES suggestions. Because you, already, have planned to make use of DRAPES, write them in the form of sentences within the paragraph. Analogies and Rhetorical questions work well for this part.

Write Main Paragraphs

These, actually, are paragraphs in the middle of the conclusion and introduction. Each of the paragraphs will provide proofs as to why you have written your introduction's content. In writing this part, always remember to make use of statistics, personal experiences, anecdotes or analogies, and dialogues. These are a few of the best DRAPES techniques to use within the main parts.

Write A Conclusion

An essay's conclusion must contain all of the things which the introduction has said, except within different words and varied orders. When an analogy is used within the introduction, make use of a different analogy on your conclusion. In the same manner, when you have employed a rhetorical question within the first few sentences of your essay, you might want to repeat it as your last sentence, to strengthen your cheap essay writing point.
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