Social marketing PPT

Social marketing PPT - topic to choose: Facebook vs Twitter

Dec 25, 2012
Social marketing has become extremely popular today with its efforts visible in a variety of industries. Beyond the cool and trendy, several everyday businesses such as auto shops and restaurants are also choosing to invest in this expansive marketing strategy.

So what exactly is social marketing?

The original definition of social marketing is actually only marginally connected to the term that it is often associated with today. In many cases when people speak about social marketing they are actually referring to the action of social media optimization. Social media optimization also known as SMO refers to marketing a particular product or brand by way of social media. Clear examples of social media are sites such as facebook and twitter (though many others fall into this category as well, such as RSS news feeds and blogs).
Before moving on...
*Sometimes new terms encounter a few linguistic discrepancies. So to be clear a quick review of some keywords may be useful. Keywords related to this topic include social media, social networking site, and viral marketing. Social media generally refers to communications between people (whether a comment or recommendation) via social networking sites and or other online interfaces. A social networking site, as just mentioned, facilitates or host these types of interactions and is usually presented as an online community that may contain user profiles, messaging services and discussion forums. Lastly, viral marketing is a marketing strategy that heavily relies on advertising by way of social networking (whether in person or online).

Presentations on social marketing

When formulating a presentation on social marketing today, some of the topics that can be covered are as follows, (1) the definition of social marketing and its role (2) revenues generated from social marketing and its overall benefit, (3) primary websites used to help promote and sell products, and (4) general rules and guidelines to follow.
Though when choosing a more specific topic to analyze in this broad category, a comparison and contrast of major social networking sites (such as Facebook, Linked-in, Google+, and Twitter) may be a good approach in presenting this subject to audiences already familiar with this type of marketing strategy. Likewise, for more neutral audiences, that may or may not be abreast to this type of media, a general presentation of key definitions (similar to the ones mentioned above) as well as simple guidelines for successful social marketing would be a good middle course to follow.

Sample Powerpoint Presentation

Considering the first possible topic, which is to compare and contrast two social networking sites, a few general subcategories can also be added. Doing this may allow for a combination that is suitable for two types of people (a) those that are comfortable and familiar with social media marketing (b) and those that are new to it or unaware of some of its major concepts and foundations. To illustrate this better, below is a sample outline for a powerpoint presentation on the topic.

Introduction: The role of social media marketing for today's industries

Slides addressing this headline should accomplish the following:
  1. Briefly define social marketing in one-two sentences
  2. Explain what is considered to be the main value of social marketing
  3. Provide examples of how social marketing has impacted the marketing budgets of small and large companies
  4. Provide a bar graph or other chart indicating its recent growth and popularity
  5. Provide a quote from a marketing expert, CEO or other individual on social media marketing and business.

Real versus perceived results of social marketing efforts

This section of the presentation may deal primarily with data and figures to illustrate the 'reality' of social media marketing and diffuse any misconceptions or exaggerations. In addition to this, there may also be some slides that provide the occasional breaking point (by way of sentences and phrases) that will summarize or introduce charts and or other graphics as evidence. *The main objective simply is to further elaborate on the first topic by giving a real life "snapshot" of figures and data

Concrete examples

After providing the above evidential support, further explanation of the concept can be done by providing real-life examples. For instance, details about businesses that have seen encouraging financial returns after implementing social marketing strategies (success stories) as well as those that have seen poor financial returns after implementing new strategies. Slides in this category may also touch on good and bad marketing practices as well (for example, where others have went right and wrong etc.)

Social marketing with Twitter and Facebook

This section of the presentation can provide the audience with an even more in-depth understanding of the topic by analyzing famous social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. A discussion as to how both are utilized for social marketing, general steps and guidelines as well as some brief benefits can be explained here as well. Concrete examples and figures should also be included to back up any statements and claims.

Facebook vs. Twitter

As this section is considered to be the crux of the presentation, slides should concisely but efficiently detail the differences between the two networking sites. This can be done in a list format as well as a pie chart or other type of graphic organizer. The purpose would be to compare the two sites in terms of marketing customers and any issues related to that. Some examples of the differences between the two sites are as follows;

Some mark differences between the two sites

  1. More brand followers of twitter will purchase a product as oppose to facebook followers
  2. More people in general are aware of and use facebook as compared to twitter
  3. Facebook has more users located outside of the US as compared to twitter
  4. About the same amount of men and women use both sites
  5. More users trust Twitter's privacy policy as compared to Facebook's which may affect overall usage

Conclusion-Overall benefits and disadvantages of social marketing

The powerpoint presentation would conclude with a simple but comprehensive list of the benefits and disadvantages of social media marketing. Theses slides should touch on the risk involved in such investments as well as the ending revenue benefit for implementing social media marketing strategies on the short and long term basis. Also a brief recap of other important points should also be provided.
*In addition to developing powerpoint slides, a good presentation should also entail a well-crafted speech, planned audience interactions, and additional materials such as handouts if needed.
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