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Dissertation editing instructions

Dissertation editing instructions

Sep 05, 2012
A dissertation is a part of academic requirement for awarding a PhD degree. A lengthy essay is often difficult to write. It is based on a thesis statement. A dissertation seeks to explain a thesis statement. Its length means that a lot of time is required before a complete and up to date dissertation is written.
The time it takes to write a successful dissertation will also determine the amount of editing work the dissertation paper receives. Assuming a dissertation paper of about 70 pages was successfully written, it is only expected that an equal or equivalent amount of time be spent during the editing process. It is common for some PhD students to contract out the editing of their paper. This will allow a second pair of eyes to go through what has already been written.

    When editing your dissertation paper, make sure that it has a title. Use a title that completely describes what the paper is about. If you find that your topic does not adequately describe your paper, it is a good idea to change it. Make your title catchy. Give your readers something interesting to look forward to. Equally important is the use of title pages. Title pages should start your dissertation paper. It is the introductory part of your document. The title page must include the student name, lecturer's name, name and code of course and all other relevant information like names of contributors and any other information you are required to input. It is a good practice to make sure that the title page is properly formatted with the right margins at each side of the page.

    Citations are important part of every dissertation paper. Citations explain which sources you borrowed your ideas from as well as the page numbers and possibly paragraph number. The use of proper citation should be checked with your department. This will enable you as the students know which citation method is recommended. It is important to make sure that only the recommended citation method is used. If you have been required to use the Chicago method, it's probably best to check that you have completely followed this method of citation. Be sure not to get confused and mix up your citation.

    Make it a point to reread all of your research starting from the beginning of your dissertation down to your reference list and appendices. It is recommended that you read the whole of your work several times prior to submission. This will give you a better grasp of what you have written. It will allow you time to you correct your grammatical errors.

    While writing, it is important that all chapters are completed. Your dissertation is not complete if one chapter or section is missing from your finished work. The best way to check for missing chapters is to have a similar work to compare yours with.
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