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Custom Essay Writing: How to Write an Essay on a Personal Life Event

Nov 24, 2012
An essay is a piece of writing that is used to express a particular point of view of the author, which very often are analytical. However, there are essays which are descriptive and narrative in nature, and these are custom written based on the incident or subject of the essay. All the personal essays that are used to describe or narrate a particular event, or a real life incident, or an experience fall in the custom essays category.
While writing an essay on a personal life event, you are still required to follow few guidelines and ensure that the essay is written and presented in a proper format. Knowledge about the format of essay and the writing techniques beforehand will save some time and effort while writing the essay. Below are few tips that will help you write an essay on a personal life event.

Choose an event and create an outline

Since you intend to write an essay on a personal life event, it is important that you are clear about the event that you wish to describe. Out of many personal life events, choose an event that is interesting, and one that compels the reader to finish reading the essay. Think of events that were turning points of your life and events that might help someone gain an insight on a specific aspect of life. Once you decide on the event that you wish to write about, it is now time to outline your essay based on the event. List out the important points associated with the event and keep gathering as many details as you can. List details such as where exactly the incident or event happened, what led to the event, what was the outcome, etc. It is suggested that you list the details in a logical manner by starting with the most important ones to the least important ones. The outlining process will help you to organize your thoughts and will also save you from missing any important point and also ensures a smooth flow of the essay while you write.
Be clear about the format of the essay and the general format of an essay is to have an introduction, body of the essay and the conclusion.

Introduction Plays a Significant Role in Custom Essays That Are Based on Personal Life Events

The introduction part of a personal essay is very important and has to be written with great sense of thought; moreover, these custom essays based on personal events require you to be creative with your expression. Since the rest of the essay involves in narrating the personal life event, introductory paragraph of the essay has to be interesting and captivating. Based upon the event that you are describing, try to use a gripping introductory sentence if there is any such scope. Since you are writing an essay on a personal event, it is likely that the reader is not aware of the background of the event and hence you should add more points that throw light on the background of the event. Provide the background information about the event in a crisp and simple manner using adequate details that make the reader understand the situation or background, which inadvertently motivates the readers to read further.

Body of the Essay

Since you are describing a personal life event, there is a possibility that you might start writing the whole story if you do not keep a tab on the points that you wish to express pertaining to the specific event. So, refer to the rough draft of important points and details that you have listed while outlining the essay and delete any unwanted points or the least important details. Normally, three to four paragraphs can be included in the body of the essay; however more paragraphs can be written if required, especially as it is a descriptive or narrative essay. Use simple and short sentences and make sure that you are not using any run-on sentences. Avoid using too many adjectives while describing the event. Keep the audience of your essay in mind and do not use complicated or confusing words. Use as many examples and details as required to describe the event in a sequential manner; however, be careful not to clutter the essay with huge amounts of details. Include specific examples and details of the event that evoke a direct response of the reader to your experience of the event. Follow the simple paragraphing style while writing the body of the essay and ensure that the paragraphs are connected in a logical way.


The conclusion of the essay is as important as the introduction of the essay. The concluding paragraphs in most of the essays are used to restate the central idea or theme of the essay, however when writing an essay on a personal event, the main purpose of the conclusion differs. The conclusion of the essay should contain your personal opinion of the event, and you might want to tell the reader how the event has changed your life thereafter. Any message or learning from the event that can be helpful to the reader can be included. If possible, try to reference details of the event that are described in the introductory paragraph. Do not include anything new in the conclusion and it has to be a summary of the event conveying your opinion.

Proofread and Edit

After writing the essay, take some time off before reviewing or reading it again. Read your personal life event from the reader's view and check if there is anything that can be improved. Read the body of the essay to see if the transition from one paragraph is logical and helpful in narrating the story, else make modifications. Check for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors and edit as required.
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