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Coursework help: create a writing plan
Coursework help

Coursework help: create a writing plan

Oct 14, 2012
Have you got a plan as to how you would be going about your upcoming coursework? If you do then it might be a good idea to review if it's perfect; and if you don't, then it's about time you have one.

Plan everything out - being organized will help you think clearer, which in turn, would more likely produce a better outcome.

Now, there are three important aspects that you must consider while creating a writing plan - timeframe, resources and objective. The three aspects are not necessarily in any order of priority and you can blend in all three simultaneously to determine the plan. Chalking out a schedule is very important. Unless you can wake up in the middle of the night and finish your coursework or stay awake several nights to meet the deadline without compromising on the quality of the job done, you would need to have a stringent schedule which you shouldn't compromise on. You may have to walk out of a few things you like doing everyday for the number of days your coursework would be worked upon, but that is how things go.
First, you must determine the timeframe you would need to finish the coursework. You can calculate the hours you can put in daily and then the days. You must assess the required time based on how you work, how quickly you can get each phase of the coursework done.
Second, you must make notes of the resources you would need. It may be a book from the library, online research, interviewing a few people or studying a few published journals. Research takes time and it must be done before you get down to writing.
Third, you must take into account what you are working on. Technical writing and creative writing are as similar to each other as chalk and cheese. Knowing what you are writing and how you wish to approach it would determine the scope of research and also the overall time you would need.
Once you have the plan in place, you should question yourself if it is logical and you would be able to work with it. Stressing yourself or your abilities with a plan would jeopardize your coursework, similarly pulling in too many exemptions can trigger complacence.
What your work can be, however, is super focused. The first task is to sit down and organize your writing goals. These can be written as they pertain to the course you are writing for, and should be specific to your project. Remember to use small goals such as "write a technical article on how to build a shot-gun rack". Define your terms, as technical needs to have a very specific meaning to you - poetry can have different meanings to every single soul that reads it, but a technical article needs to be interpreted one way by everyone who reads it. Be clear about your target and you can hit it.
Set the plan down in a time-line, and ask yourself one important question: is this going to fit the way I do things, or am I setting myself up for failure? Take the small goals you wrote down and make them into sub-headings, or larger goals that are broken down. Assess what you can realistically accomplish on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Be sure to consider the natural chronological process of the writing when making a plan - don't put research at the end of the project!

Recognize the worth of your work - this will give you more motivation to start writing

There is, of course, a trade-off; you will be doing work, not having super happy fun time, so remember that you are giving something up in order to get something. Once you have recognized that fact, you must have become aware or more aware of the reason that thing you are giving up is worth giving up. If that thing is only time, well, time is valuable, it is all we have, and so make the most of your time spent doing course work by making a plan and sticking to it. Not many novels are written in a day, Jack Kerouac excluded, of course, but plenty are written in thirty days. That is right, fifty-thousand words can be written in one month if sixteen-hundred words are written every day. The people who write this way had a plan, stuck to the plan, and achieved their goal of becoming a novelist. Every November, in fact, much of the world takes part in writing a novel of fifty-thousand words. No, these are not classics that anyone will be putting on best-seller lists, but then, neither is your course-work going to be the most stunning work ever done, either.

Planning - brainstorm and nurture your ideas

The key to success is to have the right plan. You may have a stunner of an idea but unless you have a plan to nurture that idea and to create something worthwhile then your thought may succumb to an untimely death. Naturally creating a writing plan would be extremely essential even before you have started any development on the coursework. Whenever you are assigned to a task, you would need to work on the plan first prior to anything else.
Decide what the exact tasks are that you are going to need to accomplish in order to finish the writing with adequate and sufficient details. Do you need a book from the library? Does the teacher expect you to interview someone for this particular assignment? Be sure to list the tasks that you have before writing work can begin, and take a look at the time required for each. Do not include in your time-line breaks, or just wasting time staring at the wall. That is what the plan is for, to eliminate these inefficiencies.

So now you've started writing - Re-read and edit until you're completely satisfied with the overall quality

So you've done every recommended step in writing a coursework, what's next? You will need to re-read and revise your paper until you're absolutely pleased with the overall quality of it. You may also ask someone to read it for you because sometimes, all it takes is a new pair of eyes to spot the mistakes or point out the missing parts.
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