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Choosing the topic for a research paper on business
research paper on business

Choosing the topic for a research paper on business

Sep 03, 2012
Writing a business research paper can be made interesting if you have the right topic to write on. A business paper can be drawn from any business related discipline like accountancy, business administration, banking and finance.
Deciding on the right topic to base your business research paper will make the difference between writing a good business research paper and writing a great business paper.

Know your discipline

The first step towards choosing the right topic for your research paper would be to know your discipline. One may wonder how he may know his discipline. You have to decide early which business discipline you are basing your research paper on. After you have decided on the discipline it is time you ask yourself if you know anything tangible about this discipline. It will be far easier for you to decide on a topic if you know the business discipline that works best for you.

Know your subject

By this time it is hoped you have decided on a discipline to work on. Now you have to decide the subject within the discipline you want to work on. The discipline has different subjects that make it up. Choose the one that suits you more. Which subjects are you conversant with? Which subject can you do justice to? Which subjects makes you happy? The answers to these questions will help you take the right step towards choosing a topic.

Do your research

The best way to decide on a topic after deciding the subject is to read through your class notes. Read to learn everything you can about your chosen subject. Write down on a note book all topics that interest you. If you find yourself getting more confused about a particular topic, it may be that you are not suited to the topic. But if you are particularly interested in that topic it is a good idea that you research this topic well. Learn all you can about this particular topic.

Narrow down your topic

Now that you have all your interesting topics written down, the next thing to do is to narrow down your topic. Sieve through some topics to find out which ones really speak to you. You may find out you have more than one topic you are interested in. It is best to study these topics separately. Learn all you can about these topics. Finally, decide which topic you can comfortably do justice to. Do not decide on the topic simply because it sounds interesting. Decide on a topic that you have more information about. It is a good idea to go for a topic that others have already done much research on. If you decide otherwise, you may find yourself lacking on information and sources to quote.

Make use of compiled research

Make use of all your compiled readings. These are what will make up your literature review. Organise your write ups according to relevance. Group relevant materials together, topics that are closely related should be logically pierced together so that they will make sense.
These simple tips above will help the hardworking student quickly decide on a topic for his business research paper. If in doubt consult your books.
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