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Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay: An Insight

Sep 15, 2012
Cause and effect method is one of the best ways to organize, unify and discuss ideas. No wonder, in a cause and effect essay, the motto of the writer revolves around discussing and explaining the causes and the effects of an event or a situation. Most situations and events have more than one cause or effect, and the writer should be very cautious to explain all possible causes and effects, preferably in separate developmental paragraphs.
Read on to find a detailed insight into cause and effect essays:

Key Aspect of a Cause and Effect Essay

The central point in any cause and effect essay should basically reflect the purpose of the writer. For instance, if you want to discuss the causes of a certain historical event, then the central or key point of your essay should be discussing and explaining the causes in detail. On the other hand, if your intention is to discuss the effects of that historical event, then the central point of your cause and effect essay should be to explain what happened as a result of the event.

Cause and Effect Essay - How to Develop the Thesis

Developing a thesis for any essay is quite challenging; however, the task is much more difficult when you have to develop a thesis for a cause and effect essay. Nevertheless, consider using the below mentioned formula, and you are sure to come up with an impressive thesis for your cause and effect essay:
Topic + Cause/Effect = Thesis
For instance, if your cause and effect essay is on addiction, and if you intend to discuss the effects of addiction in your essay, then your thesis should be something like this:
Addiction destroys innumerable lives every year.
As mentioned above, the central point of the essay is to discuss and explain the effects of addiction, which is of course the destruction of innumerable lives in this case. A thesis statement of a cause and effect essay can also include the cause as well as effect of the topic/situation/event. In such a case, your thesis statement should be:
Topic+ Cause+ Effect = Thesis
However, you can also choose to not explicitly indicate the causes or effects in your essay; in such a case, the main point of your essay should still be mentioned in your thesis statement. In any case, the body of your cause and effect essay should have ample examples.

Support in Cause and Effect Essays

Support in Cause and Effect Essays
Support in a cause and effect essay should facilitate the reader with explanations on causes or/and effects, and more importantly should establish the central point of your thesis and essay. As a writer, it is imperative that you avoid implying that an event/situation was caused simply because it happened beforehand. In the same way, you should not confuse an occurrence that happened after the event as an effect of the event/situation that you are discussing in your essay. Initially you will find it quite difficult, but with a bit of research and hard work, you are sure to employ support in the right way in your essay.

Structure of a Cause and Effect Essay

The introduction should throw light on the thesis of your essay, and should also help the reader of the overview of your essay. In other words, it should prepare the reader with what can be expected in the remaining part of the essay. As for the body, it should discuss each and every cause and effect in distinct paragraphs, which should be duly followed by a fitting conclusion. As you develop your essay, you should add transitions to ensure that each cause or effect is unswervingly related to the central point in your essay.

Cause and Effect Essays - Key for Success

As with any other type of essay, determining on a topic that you are passionate about will make things much easier for you. Once you choose an interesting topic, work on proving its causes or effects, or both.
writing a cause and effect essay
If you are committed to writing a cause and effect essay that is inspiring and will impress your professor, then you should make a conscious effort to know your readers before starting with the writing process. You should know what your readers are aware of and think about the topic in hand. You should also know if they have an idea of the cause and effect connection. If you think that your readers will not accept the connection, then you should try and understand the argument that they are likely to support.
The most important aspect of a cause and effect essay is its logic; fail to link the cause and effect appropriately, or vice versa and you are bound to fail. You require indulging in clear, logical thinking that is aptly supported by strong evidence, to strike the right chords with your readers. This type of reasoning will only come with practice and hence you should spend ample time researching on topic of your essay and find evidences that connect the cause or effect with the event/situation/point that you are discussing in your essay. It is also quintessential that you test your thinking and all the arguments that you are using in your essay for logic.

Take a Strategic Approach

Cause and effect essays can be extremely complicated, and hence it is very important that you are very methodical and strategic in your approach. You must take care to discuss each and every cause/effect in a detail, preferably in the order of significance, as a progression in the order of importance will bestow your reader with clarity and precision. An orderly and logical arrangement of evidences and supporting facts is of most precedence in a cause and effect essay.
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