5 steps to create a good coursework

5 steps to create a good coursework

Sep 14, 2012
A good structured coursework will always result in a good grade. Just like any other academic assignment, a coursework is any piece of written or practical work that a student is assigned and which contributes to his over all grades or scores. Care should be taken while writing any coursework. Any mistake made will influence a score and ultimately cause low grades. In order to create a course work, it is important that the student follow these simple tips:

Know your discipline

It is naturally difficult for a student that has deep knowledge about his course of study to fail a coursework. The first step towards succeeding in any given or assigned coursework is to work hard. Learn all you can about your discipline. Take notes in classes. Be attentive and be sure to be present at all your classes. It is easier to remember things said in the classroom if one is physically present. Jotting down notes from other students is good but it does not replace the physical presence of a student in class. A thought or gesture expressed by the teacher may be enough to help the student remember facts for a long time to come. It is easy to read and forget. But something that is taught can be quite difficult to forget.

Make your outline

To be successful in your assigned course, it is necessary that you make an outline of what is expected of you. Your outline maybe pieces of written down thoughts on a particular topic. It may even be a systematically organized research carried out in preparation for an assigned coursework. Whatever your coursework means to you, it is important that you have it all written down in a piece of paper or preferably a note book. It will be easier for you to remember this way.

Write your assignment

After making an outline the next logical step would be to start writing your coursework. Write your coursework based on your already prepared outline. Your outline will give you a frame work to start from. It ensures that no fact is forgotten or missed along the way. It is important to present your coursework in a clear and logical manner. While writing your course work, it is important that all basic rules of formatting your course work are closely followed. Do not be tempted to ignore any formatting rules given by your lecturer in the coursework.

Go through your work

Having completed your course work, the next step will be to go through your work over again. This action has the advantage of making sure that all errors are all spotted early on and edited. Going through your coursework ensures that all grammatical and syntax mistakes are corrected. The important things to look out for while going through your course work are the presentation of facts, formatting of your coursework, and of course correction of any mistakes overlooked.

Refrences and appendices

These are the last ingredients needed to create a good coursework. A proper work should have cited works written out in a separate page. All unknown terms, abbreviations, tables and graphs should be explained with the aid of appendices. Do not be tempted into ignoring or forgetting this important part. It adds to the overall marks and grades. It also tells your teacher that you did your home work well.
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