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Best Research Papers: Follow Guidelines for Writing

In order to produce the best research papers you must follow the guidelines given below for writing.

Topic Selection for the best research papers

Normally you will get the opportunity for selecting the topic of research and you should take advantage of this privilege. The topic you choose must be creative and you must have specific interest which will enable you to write the paper easily. It will be better that you are aware of the important questions that are likely to arise in the topic chosen so that you can research for these answers. Initial selection of the topic will be done at the macro level and you might find that it may not be possible to do it in the space and timeframe given. You must be sure that the macro level topic is further broken down to micro level and select the topic so that you are in a position to complete the research within the timeframe and pages. There are times when you might be asked to research on a specific topic and under these circumstances you must look for making the content and information unique to attract the readers.

Perform the research for the best research papers

The first and foremost thing that you should do before writing research papers is to do the research thoroughly. You must be fully conversant with the topic background and the current thinking and examine whether the topic chosen is worth researching further. It is tempting to pool information from already researched papers and rewrite them as your own research paper but you will learn nothing with this method. You must approach the research with open mindedness. Research on various documents related to your topic - published interviews, legal information, experiments, online resources etc. Discuss with other students and go through forums to know more about your topic.

Evaluate the topic of your research

Having gone through the above phase you would be more knowledgeable on the topic of your research and it might be necessary to refine your research subject. By this time you would have got a clear idea about the core theme of your research which you will be able to defend in your research and come to a valid conclusion. Once you are convinced that your topic of research is sound you could start writing your draft report. You must realize that your research does not end here. You must be flexible and make necessary changes as you go along depending on the results you obtain. However, keeping the timeframe in mind you must end your research at some point of time so as to avoid overshooting on your schedule.

Draw the outline for the paper for best research papers

To start with you must draw the outline of your research paper. You must understand that this gives you a broad outlook of your research report and might change as you progress further. The process is iterative and some persons may or may not require this step. This will act as a road map for your research report and tells you where you are heading at any point of time. This outline broadly indicates the structural framework of your research report. It helps if you go astray on your research.
One possible structure for your research report is as follows:
  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Background for research
  4. Descriptive paragraphs
  5. Analysis and arguments
  6. Conclusions
  7. Annexure/ Appendices
While writing the report, consider the following aspects carefully.


This is very important and improper writing of this will make the reader disinterested. You may have to rewrite this paragraph again and again as you go along because of change in the scope of your research. You could use questions or quotes to attract the reader. You must introduce the topic clearly without beating around the bush. Your research objective must be clearly spelt out in the introductory paragraph.


Paragraphs are to be properly bifurcated such that each paragraph indicates clearly about your argument from a new angle. It should be brief to the point and substantiated with proper diagrams, tables, appendices etc.


This is the most vital part of your research report and must restate your research objective, important findings of your research and final conclusion.

Space Utilization

You must avoid unwanted padding up your research report.

Your spelling

Your spelling, grammar and thesaurus should be flawless otherwise there will be distraction while reading.
Lastly make sure that your title is attractive enough and of optimum length.
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