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Best paper writer: how to write essay with PEEL technique

There are several types of structures, which can be used for doing best kinds of articles, but the best one is the PEEL. You can find the specifics of the PEEL when you saw that best paper writers always follow this method when they spin their best essays. As it turns out this structure has been existence since the beginning of the twentieth century, but it was introduced as a standard only in the late 1970s, and was reported to have taken over the lead as the most used type of structure. These days most of the best paper writers from world wide maintain their essay in PEEL structure. It's the best structure for any kinds of article that contain proper essay spinning.
Any one can apply the PEEL technique - originally designed to make academic writing more compelling, persuasive, and easy to read - to your blog writing, journalistic writing and nonfiction books. This technique makes your argument easy to follow and helps the reader see you are giving a fair and balanced point of view.
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Best paper writers know how to create a PEEL paragraph

As paragraphs in blog posts are shorter, the PEEL technique can cover several paragraphs or even a whole blog post. Bloggers and best paper writers can link to overall theme of the blog, or give a taster of what they'll be writing about next.
The PEEL, which is an acronyms for Point, Evidence, Evaluation, Link still maintains the lead and as its name states it, has four steps that need to be included. Without even one of these the basic structure of the essay will not be called as a PEEL-based essay. When an essay or article carries these four basics, we must call it the best kind of article. The full version of the word 'PEEL' is serially pointed in below.
All best paper writers in order to write good papers do it with the PEEL technique. Let's follow each step separately and find more details about the content of each one.
Besides the PEEL usual content, there are a few more sections that can be added to make a report more complete:

Best paper writers can help you get better results

These could be much helpful for the best paper writers, who can have the best ability to do some better essays. While some steps of this article can be much useful and they are not mandatory, and are not always applicable to all papers. Obviously, they can be used to make a good article even better.

Choose any topic that best paper writers can easily cover in their works:

How technology shapes culture

Is technology actually making us smarter? Cell phones, computers, and tablets provide us withalmost unlimited access to information. But are they being used the right way, or mostly forentertainment purposes? Do they really create a more informed public, or simply one that revelsin trivial issues and gossip? Using specific examples, discuss how the gadgets we use on a dailybasis have changed the way we live today.

Economic progress and the environment

Since the Industrial Revolution, economic growth and improvements in the standard of living hasinvariably resulted in damage to the environment. Is it possible for a modern economy to moveforward without polluting its own backyard? If yes, then how? What does pollution say about asociety? Research this topic thoroughly and present your ideas in an orderly and convincing way.

Famous people and privacy

Are celebrities treated unfairly by the press? Are they entitled to privacy, or is the price of famea loss of personal privacy in public places? What does our obsession with famous folks say aboutus? Using specific examples, answer each question in detail before addressing the Americanfixation with celebrity.

Gender roles in parenting

Are moms better parents than dads? In an age when women can do anything, is it fair to consignmen to a secondary role in the home? Or do biological differences simply make mothers morecapable and nurturing than fathers? Write a detailed and orderly essay about this controversial,contemporary topic.

Vending machines in school

From California to New York, parent groups across the nation are proposing bans on sugarysodas in school. Is this fair, or simply a kneejerk reaction to rising obesity rates? Should childrenhave the right to make their own dietary decisions, or is their health simply too important toleave up to them? Answer each of these questions using specific examples to support your ideasand positions.

White collar vs. Blue collar work

With the costs of college education on the rise, is higher education still an option for mostAmericans? Is investing in trade schools a practical solution to the problem, considering thatthere is a dearth of skilled labor in the nation? Or should college still be the goal? Discuss indetail how the country could benefit from future investments in education.

Carnivores vs. herbivores

In modern times, human beings do not need meat to ensure good health. Even so, most peopleconsume it on a daily basis. Is it ethical to consume animal products when there is a viable,healthy alternative? Or do vegetarians take things a bit too far, since some meat in our diets isquite good for us? Write a sound, well-reasoned argument using specific examples and originalideas.

Extra classes for young drivers?

Car crashes are the number one killer of teenagers in America. They are four times more likelyto be involved in a traffic accident than experienced drivers. Because they are clearly moredangerous on the road, should safe driving education courses be compulsory before teen driversare issued their licenses? Or would that be a clear case of age discrimination? Compose an essay that takes an unambiguous position on the issue.

Are zoos humane?

Even though most animals live longer in cages than in the wild, some people argue that theyare immoral. Should zookeepers return these animals to the wild, or do the educational benefitsoutweigh any ethical arguments? Should certain species that adapt poorly to captivity, such aslarge whales and elephants, be off limits? Write an essay that takes a strong stance on this hot-button issue.

Teaching children at home

Over the past decade, more parents have opted to educate their kids at home, rather than sendthem to public or private schools. While there is some evidence that suggests home-schooledchildren score higher on tests, some experts believe keeping them from the traditional schoolenvironment may stunt their social development. Use specific examples and ideas to supportyour position on this issue.

Learn languages online

One of the many things computers can do is translate languages for students. Is this relativelynew teaching method more effective than the old one? Would it be cheaper and more efficientfor students to learn with the aid of interactive language programs, or must they share aclassroom with other human being to truly master a foreign language? Compose a persuasive,well-reasoned essay on this topical issue.

Is the news all bad?

One of the most famous maxims in the history of media is, "If it bleeds, it leads." In other words,stories that involve violence and bloodshed always air first because they get higher ratings. But isthis a moral, conscientious practice to follow? Wouldn't society benefit if more good news wasreported on a regular basis? Write a thoughtful, well-researched essay that takes a strong stanceon this issue.

Should learning foreign languages begin ASAP?

Countless studies confirm that people are more likely to become bilingual if they start at anearly. But should time be taken away from core subjects so that kids can learn a foreign languagethey might never use? Wouldn't the time be better spent teaching them their mother tongue, ordoes a second language make them more productive, well-rounded individuals? Use specificexamples and ideas to develop your arguments.

Raising the retirement age

Because people are living longer and health care costs are on the rise, politicians are consideringincreasing the retirement age. Is this fair to seniors who have worked hard their entire lives areentitled to enjoy their golden years? Or is it simply a regrettable, unavoidable reality of ourmodern economy. Discuss in detail how economics and demographics have led us to where weare now. Also devise a fair and sustainable solution to this impending problem.

State vs. Private Colleges

As college tuition costs continue to rise, many students are opting to stay in their home states,since it is far less expensive to attend a state university than a private one. But is there somethingto be said for leaving your home state and experiencing a new environment? Is it worth theseveral thousands of dollars more you may have to pay in tuition, travel, room and board?Include specific examples and opinions to explain your position.

Should we continue to explore space?

Although it has resulted in myriad contributions to important fields of study, including medicine,the environment, information technology, communications, and transportation, about half ofAmericans believe that dollars that are spent exploring the universe would be better spent onEarth. Their argument is that space travel is extremely expensive, and in a fragile economy, itsimply doesn't make sense. What do you think? Write any essay that includes specific examplesand ideas to explain your position.

Should college athletes get paid?

They bring in untold sums of money to the colleges and universities they play for, but underthe rules of the NCAA, college athletes cannot earn a dime. Some say this arrangement isfundamentally unfair, since the schools and the coaches earn a king's ransom based their talentand hard work. Others note that college athletes not only enjoy the experience, they also makevaluable connections and contacts that will serve them well in their future careers. Who do youagree with? Use facts and examples to develop your argument.

Oscar worthy movies

Just like beauty, art is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to movies, opinions are almostalways divided. Because they look for, connect with, and enjoy different things, it is rare for amotion picture to receive nearly unanimous praise from critics and audience members alike. Butare their specific elements of movie making that consistently result in successful screenings, oris it simply a crapshoot? If yes, then what are they? Discuss in detail what these elements andprinciples may be.

Equal Pay and the Gender Gap

Although they have made great strides in the workplace since the 1970s, women still earn abouttwenty percent less than men do. According to some experts, however, that discrepancy is dueto the fact that women do not enter the highest paying fields, such as engineering, science, andtechnology, and that discrimination is not an issue. Most women disagree. They still believethat there is such a thing as a glass ceiling. What do you think? Compose a thoughtful and well-reasoned essay that includes specific examples to corroborate your viewpoint.

The future of nuclear power

In spite of the fact that they provide cheap, clean energy, U.S. regulators have not approved theconstruction of a new nuclear power plant since the 1970s. Their reluctance is based almostentirely on accidents and events that happened in other counties. Should the government lift thetacit ban on nuclear reactors, or are they simply too dangerous? Provide examples and evidenceto build your argument.
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