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Best paper writer: use DRAPES method for essay writing

In a perfect world every person would be able to become the best paper writer without the slightest amount of effort and no one would ever run out of ideas or hit a writer's block. However, this is not a perfect world and most people struggle, when they need to write a paper. It doesn't necessarily mean they are not good at writing, they just need a different approach. When it comes to writing essays, one method stands out among the rest, promising to keep your ideas flowing and the contents interesting. This method is called DRAPES.
The DRAPES method consists of six different components:
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In order to become the best paper writer, it is necessary to explore and understand what each component implies for. Before you start there is another important stage that needs to be addressed, and consists of organizing your thoughts into three different parts:
When structuring the elements of the introduction your should take into consideration that it needs to contain a short presentation of the topic you will be discussing as well as your point of view on it.
The components that are present in the DRAPES method can be used in the introduction, body and the conclusion just the same. In fact using some of the elements that this method contains can improve the quality of your essay, and thus it is quite recommended to apply it in every section.
Let's review the components of the DRAPES method in order to see what they contain and how they should be applied:
Dialogue - when starting an essay, the first thing you should do is state the topic of discussion and their point of view. This section allows the writer to make use of other peoples opinion is order to emphasize their own. This can be achieved by quoting from other papers or by simply rewording the statement they are referring to.
Rhetorical question - this component is actually the best way to get the attention of the reader, by subtly inviting them to think about the arguments that are presented.
Analogy - this step is the best way to make people understand the meaning of a certain statement or situation. It is widely used not only in writing, but in occupations such as teaching, because it allows the receiver side, to make certain connection with situations that are easier to comprehend. When used in an essay they can emphasize a point, and by using anecdotes it leaves the reader with the feeling that the author is in complete control of the how the subject is presented.
Personal experience - another great way of making a point is through personal experience. The best paper writer will have some experience that will relate to the subject discussed. It provides the reader with the opportunity to agree with the author's point of view, by considering the arguments brought up. However, the experience that is presented should be relevant to the essay, because otherwise it will only confuse the reader.
Examples - this step is usually very closely related to the personal experience, since they both have the same purpose. Still, while personal experience is limited, examples have a wider pool to choose from.
Statistics - while examples and personal experience can have a great impact on the reader, statistics have the ability to bring facts into light. Most people feel more convinced by the studies that have been previously made and the data as well as the percentages that can be presented to support the theories, hypothesis or the point of view of the author.
In order to become the best paper writer, the author has to be very strict when checking their own work. In the dialogue section for example, when directly quoting someone, they should be careful to use quotations and to note down that source, for later use in the reference section. Keep in mind that the second stage can and is advisable to be used in the introduction and the conclusion of a paper, because it has the ability to pique the interest of the reader.
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