Keep patients healthy at home

Transform the surgical recovery process using the latest in mobile technology

Education in the field of medical procedures is very important to increase the level of awareness of patients, staff and students of medical institutions. In collaboration with online writing services , there are more opportunities in the field of education for medical students, as well as expanding the scope of research work.

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Track symptoms

Patients are reminded daily to track key symptoms and take wound photos

Catch complications

Algorithms customized by your surgical team determine when early signs of complications arise

Recommend care

If complications arise, patients are alerted and directed to the appropriate care faster

Improve outcomes

Increase patient satisfaction, reduce readmissions, and lower costs

We have been looking for a tool to prevent readmissions and emergency room visits. Seamless is the best communication tool we have seen.

Philip Chen

Social Entrepreneur. Co-founder of Social Spark and Ex-Managing Director of Take Action. Business Associate at Orbis Mutual Funds. University of Toronto Scholar.

Willie Kwok

Product engineer. mHealth Entrepreneur Intern at Vodafone Incubator in Silicon Valley that dealt with strategic strategic venture investments in health startups.

Joshua Liu

Medical Doctor. Co-leader of UHN project on avoidable hospital readmissions. Founder of SMARTS youth science network. Top 20 Under 20. TD Canada Trust Scholar.

Jonathan Ristovski

Developer Designer. Co-founder of and Campus Rides. First developer at Loose Button. Lead Developer at Impact Entrepreneurship Group.