"PUSH is funded by the European Union Partnership for Peace Programme with additional support provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

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To improve the quality of cultural education and dialogue in order to destroy prejudice, the organization conducts a number of educational activities. Through research work and the expansion of academic custom paper writing topics, the student community dives deeper into the possibility of exchange of opinions and not only studies and perceives facts, but also expresses its position and has the opportunity to provide feedback.

The Promoting dialogue and cultural Understanding of our Shared Heritage (PUSH) project developed over many years of professional cooperation between faculty members and administrative representatives from Al Quds University and Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Strengthened by the addition of The Jordan Society for Sustainable Development (JSSD), the tri-lateral PUSH project aims to create a regional dialogue on issues of cultural and natural heritage, resulting in concrete benefits at the national and regional levels.

Utilizing the UNESCO recommendations for academic networking and dialogue to foster mutual respect for cultural and natural heritage, PUSH works to break down cultural prejudices by building greater understanding of the region's shared heritage as a means to respect and appreciate the region's diverse cultures and advance peace in the region.
Furthermore, by identifying important sites of natural and cultural heritage, PUSH brings international attention to the rich heritage of the region in need of preservation.

The PUSH project is not without obstacles. Developing mutual respect for the cultural heritage of the 'other' in the midst of conflict is not easy. There is an undeniable need for increased dialogue and tri-lateral coordination concerning the shared heritage of this important region.

We welcome your comments and participation in this unique discussion.