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Have you ever been through the unfortunate experience of ordering an essay online and having high expectations based on what you were promised, only to get an excuse of an essay? If you have, we honestly wish to extend our sympathy to you. And truth be told: you are not alone, neither are you the first nor last student to have had such a bitter encounter. Many students have shared with us their personal online essay horror stories. One should always be careful with this type of outsourcing since it may happen that the author of your essay is an illiterate rookie.

A lot of the affected students realized their mistakes too late. They ended up with grades for their assignments that were as terrible as the service that made them a reality. It is a common issue and a known fact that there are several hundreds of companies that fool people. The point is that the students end up in trouble. Some only learn from their instructor that their submitted essay is significantly plagiarized. Some make a last-ditch decision to rewrite their essay from scratch doing that with the deadline pretty close. One common truth connects the sad stories. The students wasted their money on the poor-quality essay they obtained.

From the unpleasant anecdotes, we have noted some recurring issues that can be useful to enable you to make a careful assessment of an essay writing company. All the affected students had to face one of the following problems.

  • Slow communication.
  • Heavily plagiarized essays.
  • Delays in delivery of the ordered essays.
  • Little to no adherence to the specified requirements.
  • Tight submission deadline.

The above are merely some of the issues you should keep in mind when looking for essay writing services help online. And, how are you supposed to cope? How to write a paper without losing your mind? Is it impossible to find a diligent essay writing service that is good at papers writing and won't lie to you or deliver an essay that will make the reader weep while looking at it? In this case, there is - As it says in the name, we are a service with a unique point of view. This will come as no surprise to those who aren't newbies in the academic world, but your readers have to love your piece of writing. And what is the secret of writing like an accomplished author and knowing all the intricacies of this work? Intelligence, patience, and the passion for your craft - all in which we possess in plenty because we care about your success and the prosperity of our service. For example, the other companies may not be even aware of the structure of, say, the thesis! They make the body paragraphs and expect you to roll with it, and even leave you feeling like it's your fault that they messed up.

We are not like that. We believe in our cause, and we always deliver the best.

Why Choose Our Essay Writing Service

We have consciously implemented gaming-changing practices that have helped us move notches up and above our competitors. They are the benefits that you will enjoy once you make the smart move to entrust us with your writing needs. There are a significant number of them!

  • Tried and tested writers. Be certain of this - our writers are not a group of newbies trying to practice and develop their writing skills. Quite the opposite, they are vetted before they become part of our team. We pay special attention to their writing skills, knowledge, and experience. Whatever essay type (expository essay, definition essay, etc.) you need to write, we have you covered!
  • Premium quality. As a natural result of having highly skilled and experienced writers serve you, you can be sure that you will get only high-quality essays that will attract high grades. This is something we have become known for.
  • The originality. We ensure that each paper we deliver is written from start to finish with uniqueness and intellectual honesty. Also, each essay we deliver is never resold to other students. Hence, you can forget about having to deal with plagiarized papers and the negative consequences they bring.
  • Substantial discounts. We are committed to making our service affordable to the broadest spectrum of students. One clear way we do this is by offering sizable discounts. When you place your initial order, you get a whopping 20% price cut, and it does not stop there!
  • Constantly available support. We have a team of dedicated and friendly support agents who are available 24/7 to help you get started placing your orders with us. They are also happy to give you answers to any questions or concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact them when you want to get help quickly. This is a way to ensure you no longer have to wait for hours and days to get a reply.
  • Revisions request. Students who have otherwise never had the option of getting revisions for their orders elsewhere can now do that with us. When having an active order with us, you can request for changes to be done in your essay within two weeks of receiving it. We always aim to ensure that you obtain a paper that matches your style and preferences.
  • Money-back guarantee. This is one of the most crucial aspects to our reputation with thousands of students. We assure you that with us, you'll forget what wasting your money on poor service with other mediocre companies felt like. We employ and assign only proven, diligent, and professional writers in order to ensure you get top-class essays. In the rare occasion that something unforeseen occurs or you decide to cancel your order before it is completed, you get your money refunded to you regardless of the reasons for which you did so.
  • Sizable time savings. When you entrust us with your essays writing assignments, you are effectively letting our subject area experts apply their skills and knowledge to work for you. You get back tens of hours to yourself that you can use to work on other pressing academic activities like studying for upcoming tests and exams or doing other assignments. In other situations, you may even spend the gained hours partaking in a recreational activity to decompress from the stress of academic life. Please, avail yourself the fun once in a while - you deserve it. After all, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"!

Know Our Process

Apart from having a clear understanding of what benefits you get from us, it also helps to have a strong sense of the process of using our service. Here we present you a list of the key steps you will go through from start to finish.

  1. Give your instructions. When you decide to order an essay with us, you'll have to start by filling a form in which you get to specify the details of requirements that should be used for your essay. They include the type of essay, number of pages, your desired time of work, the educational level (e.g., college undergraduate) to which the essay writing style should correspond, formatting requirements, etc.
  2. Place the order: After doing the above, you get the pricing information.
  3. Work begins on your essay: We assign one of our professional writers that is most fitting for the writing task based on the discipline of expertise. The writer carefully goes through your requirements, and if any clarification is needed for some aspect of the task, you will be contacted. You also get to stay in touch with the writer and follow the progress.
  4. Receive the finished essay: After the writing is done, you will be notified by email. You can look through it and request some revisions if you wish (they are free in the first two weeks after receiving the papers).

And these are the benefits that come with our service. We deliver exceptional writing service to students of all educational levels and disciplines. We sincerely look forward to making a sizable impact in your academic endeavors and get your positive service reviews. What's left for you to do is get yourself the top-class essay you have longed for. So head over to our order page and place your order now!

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