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Buy essay: Essay formatting with Chicago style follow useful tips

Chicago style is often followed for Academic essay writing assignments. It is different from the other essay writing formats such as MLA, Harvard or APA. It follows a certain pattern for making references or for page formatting. It also strictly defines the font size and the spacing between the lines. The entire essay makes use of font size of 12 point except in case of foot notes where font size of 10 points is used. So, the students have to be very careful while formatting their essays. Many students who find it difficult to follow such a pattern prefer to buy essay rather than losing grades just because they were not able to present the information in a perfect manner.
If you don't want to buy essay and want to work on Chicago style then following guidelines will surely help you:
1. The first element of essay writing is the Title. A title consists of the following information:
  1. The actual name of the title: It is placed in about 1/3rd of way down the page, right in the center. The title should neither be bold nor be underlined. If the title is long and takes more than one line of space then the lines of the title should be separated by double space.
  2. Your name: Should be placed in the center half way down the page
  3. Course details: Write the course number 2/3rd of the way down the page
  4. Professor or Teacher's Name: should be placed below the course details. It should be separated from the above line by double space.
  5. Date: date is written below the instructor's name separated by double space. It is written in the format of Month Day, Year. For Example June 25, 2006.
2. While the essay's main body should be double spaced, the notes and bibliography sections need to be single spaced. As in case of MLA, the titles of other works are italicized or placed within quotation marks in Chicago style.
3. Make sure that the pages have 1 inch margin on all four sides and the right margin should not be aligned.
4. Make sure you indent all the paragraphs properly. Press tab to create a space of 1/2" before writing the first line of a paragraph.
5. The pages in the introduction section of the write up should be numbered in Roman numerals where as the rest should be numbered using Arabic numbers. So page "1" is where the actual essay starts after the introduction section is over.
6. Footnotes are required whenever you quote or paraphrase. A footnote comprises of:
It is formatted in the following manner: Author's name (first and then last), Title of the Book (publisher's town, name of the publisher, the year in which the book was published), Page number where the information was taken from.
If you refer to the same source again, you can reference the same source in the following manner: Last Name of the Author's, the Book's name in Italics, Page number from where the information is taken.
Some students, especially those who don't have English as first language, have problems in essay writing. If you feel that you cannot write an essay using Chicago style, then it is a good idea to buy essay and get rid of the problem. Although it is always good to work on the end of term essays yourself but you must keep one thing in mind that it is very important to submit good quality essays in order to get good grades. Sometimes in spite of putting in too much of hard work, it is difficult to get good grades. In such a scenario one can buy essay and submit it or else settle down for low grades.
As mentioned above it is not easy to write a Chicago style essay. If you intend to purchase essay make sure that you employ a reliable firm or writer for the job. The purpose of purchasing an essay will be defeated if the essay delivered to you if of poor quality and does not provide what is actually required.