"It is clear that a low energy path is the best way towards a sustainable future .... this requires profound structural changes in ... institutional arrangements and is an important challenge to global society."

The Brundtland Report - "Our Common Future" 1987

The Brundtland City Energy Network (BCEN) is an initiative to link cities and towns in Europe in addressing one issue: sustainable energy use.

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In Brundtland Cities there is a recognition that energy plays a pivotal role in both economic development and quality of life - but that both are seriously threatened this century by the environmental problems associated with current energy use patterns.

In Brundtland Cities there is also a recognition that it is not enough to tackle this issue at a global and national level - but that practical, workable solutions also require strong locally based action.

Each Brundtland City is fortunate in having an elected local authority which has made a commitment to tackling this issue strategically. The main role of the local authority is as a catalyst in the creation of a local "Brundtland Team". This team draws together the stakeholders in drawing up a co-ordinated approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.