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Variety of Assignments required in Academic Writing
academic writing assignments

Variety of Assignments required in Academic Writing

Aug 19, 2012
Academic writing is often described as a type of expository prose that is required to be impersonal, objective, precise as well as semi-formal in nature. There are different types of assignments at universities and each type has its own structure and features. Needless to mention, each of the academic writing types have unique conventions and requirements as well. The style, structure, presentation and tone depend largely on the accords of the discipline and the brief of the course instructor.
Academic writing assignments are an integral part of all courses in almost all colleges and universities as professors employ these assignments as a form of evaluation that weighs the knowledge and communication skills of the students. In addition, these assignments are used to study the proficiency within the respective disciplinary skills of a student, such as the ability to think, interpret, present, divulge and conclude an assignment.

Different Types of Academic Writing Assignments



Essays are the most common type of academic writing assignments in schools, colleges and Universities, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that University level essays are the most difficult to handle. Students are required to think, research and present the happenings in a specific field of study. More often than not, University level requires students to construct a debate surrounding the different aspects of a specific issue.


A report is a detailed form of academic writing that is organized and aims at concise identification and examination of issues, findings and events. A good report is one that leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the reader is objectively informed about all the relevant issues that are associated with the event or finding.

Business Report

Business report is a type of academic writing in which the author analyses a business situation that is either real or is a case study.

Lab Report

As the name suggests, lab reports explore a scientific concept, and more often than not are an analysis of laboratory experiment.

Literature Review

A literature review is a critical survey and analysis of academic publications on a specific topic. Very often, literature review assignments are an integral part of a larger and accurate research project.

Research Proposal

Proposals are an indispensable part of any research project, especially as they facilitate the writer to refine the objectives. Not only that, research proposals also help the author to design a feasible plan.
Some of the lesser-known academic writing assignment types are article critique, book review, annotated bibliography, reflective writing, oral presentation, abstract, thesis/dissertation and conference paper.
More often than not, academic writing is based on the works of other eminent writers and scholars. Therefore reading other people's work and researching associated topics are vital for academic writing. In order to be a successful writer, one must first understand the expectations of your instructor or professor and this know-how will help you accomplish the assignment task with much confidence and ease.
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