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Paraphrasing: How to Do It Right

Nov 20, 2013

Paraphrasing if done correctly can help you in academic writing. You should know what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. You can't simply copy paste somebody's work in your own without proper referencing or paraphrasing.

Plagiarism - 5 facts you did not know

Aug 21, 2013

In an academic setting, to use the words, phrases or ideas of another individual or organization, you need to lend credit to the originating author. That is done so by citing the author. Although there are varying ways of doing so, if you do not use one of the accepted ways, you are committing something called plagiarism. A very serious offense, it can be met with some substantial consequences.

What is plagiarism and how to avoid it in academic writing

Jun 03, 2013

Plagiarism is not only illegal it is something that will get you dismissed from school indefinitely. Plagiarism is taking the words from someone else and using them as your own. When you are writing an academic paper, it is okay to use the research from another source, but if you do, you need to reference and cite it in your work.

Paraphrasing or referencing, avoid plagiarism

Paraphrasing or referencing: what is the best way to avoid plagiarism

Jan 05, 2013

Many colleges and universities consider plagiarism as the most offensive infractions that students may commit; needless to mention, the implications of plagiarism are also grave. Student must know how to use paraphrases and references appropriately to avoid plagiarism in their academic writing.

avoid plagiarism when writing

How can you avoid plagiarism when writing? Learn how to cite the sources used

Dec 19, 2012

When writing a research paper, always note down what sources you use for the supporting facts in your research. Make sure to cite every sources and reference quotes added to the text to guarantee the originality of your work. Improper citations can cause low grade or worsen the impression from your work.

Plagiarism, How to Avoid It

Plagiarism: How to Avoid It

Oct 13, 2012

Plagiarism is copying somebody's words and ideas without acknowledging the author. Whenever you borrow any ideas or use somebody's research as a source in your academic paper, make sure to cite the source in your reference page. If you get caught plagiarizing in your paper, your will get a low grade or suffer from a more serious consequences.

Avoid plagiarism, Writing a PhD dissertation

Avoid plagiarism when writing a PhD dissertation

Sep 02, 2012

Plagiarism is copying another person's work and presenting as your own. It is a serious offense that needs to be avoided. Follow general tips to avoid plagiarism.

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