Relevant Sources for a Coursework

Relevant Sources for a Coursework: What is Best - Books, Articles or Websites

Nov 28, 2012
A coursework is an assignment that plays a crucial role in the academic life of students at different levels of education. It is really important that you pay attention to the coursework requirements as defined or outlined by the university or college. As per the set guidelines, you have to plan and organize your coursework to ensure that the work meets the requirements. Coursework, which is expected to be more structured and organized, demands that the students pay more attention to the practical aspects than the regular classroom work. It is highly recommended that students start by listing the main points that form the basis of their coursework and this will help the students in gathering relevant material from reliable sources. Any source of information that provides the required material to meet the expectations, purpose and objectives of the coursework assignment can be considered as relevant source.

Relevant Sources for Coursework

Coursework is an assignment in the university or college level of education and it is very likely that you will get ample time to submit the coursework. Hence you should consider spending a little more time and effort to spot the relevant sources to gather research material and other important information required for the coursework. Needless to mention, the resources that you refer to play a significant role in the success of your coursework. Identify and narrow down the relevant sources to only few which are really relevant, and which are sure to provide you the information that is most relevant to the coursework in view of all the guidelines and the aim of the coursework.

A Book is Still the Best Reference Resource for a Coursework

Students have been referring to books, journals, articles and newspapers which are readily available at libraries to get relevant research material for their coursework; however, the relevance of the information might not be too close to the coursework. When you check for information in sources such as books and articles, you can be sure that the information is reliable and correct to a great extent. However, searching for the exact or relevant information from a large book or stack of books or journal might require you to put in extra effort and time. And the search process will not be that easy when referring to older books or books that do not have proper indexing or references. Sometimes, the title of the book might seem relevant to the coursework and it might not have any point or detail relevant to your coursework and that is an obvious waste of time. Having said the above, it is imperative to mention here that books are still the most relevant source of information for a course. Not only that, a reference from a book is also the most respected and valued respected resource in the academic world.

Academic Articles and Journals are Also Well-Respected Reference Resources

In addition to books, journal articles are also considered as primary and respectable resource for information and references. However, while looking for journal articles, it is good to look for articles from authors or subject experts who are considered to be the leaders in your chosen field. This will ensure that the reference made by you in your coursework makes the necessary impact on your examiner, thus facilitating you to get the best possible grade.

Internet and Websites as Reference Resources

With the advent and boom in the online arena in the recent times, it is almost impossible to avoid references to websites or online platforms. However, while working on a coursework, it is important that books and journal articles are the best reference resources. Having said that, the fact that many students do not have enough time to spend in libraries to look for authentic resources, it is good to know that websites can be used as reference resources in your coursework; references to websites and Internet might not help you earn as many brownie points as a reference to a book or a journal article, but you can still go ahead and use them in your coursework.
There are many sources to look for information on the Internet these days. If you use the correct combination of key words while searching for the information, the possibility of getting better results and resource links is high. While searching for information for your coursework, it is possible that you might end up getting loads and loads of data and information making it harder to narrow down to the most relevant information. There are also tools available on the Internet to perform custom search to get exact or most relevant information for your coursework. Based on your requirement you can check and find a simple search tool to get the information easier and faster, saving much of your time.

Avoid Plagiarism and Copyright Issues While Using Internet as a Reference Resource

One must realize that all the information that is available on the Internet is not credible and might not be verifiable. Apart from the research information for your coursework, you can also find information on various writing styles, presentation tips on coursework on the Internet. Internet is definitely the best relevant source when you consider parameters such as saving time, effort and the ease with which the information can be accessed, which is certainly not the case with the books and articles. Conversely, though information is easily available on the Internet, there are several issues with respect to copyrights and usage of the data that are to be considered while writing your coursework. Plagiarism is a serious issue that might be of some when you source the information from the Internet and hence you should be more careful while writing your coursework based on the information that you extracted from the Internet.
Now that you understand that books and journal articles are the preferred reference resources of the academic fraternity, it is good to know that there are other reliable reference resources such as newspapers, academic databases and mailing lists as well. Irrespective of the reference resource you are determining on, it is crucial that you follow the formatting and referencing rules appropriately to make maximum impact on your examiner.
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