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Write a Critical Analysis Essay

How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay Within 24 Hours

Dec 15, 2012 - Posted to  Essay Writing
In very simple terms, a critical analysis essay requires you to assess the strength of a literary work or argument. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You must know how to weigh, evaluate and analyze the author's assertions, arguments and evidence in the work. In fact, in a critical analysis essay, the goal is two-fold - you need to identify, explain and discuss the author's argument, in addition, you also need to present your opinion and argument on the author's argument. To do all this in twenty-four hours can be quite difficult. However, if a student is willing to concentrate exclusively on the work at hand, it is indeed possible to write a critical analysis essay within 24 hours.
First and foremost, you should spend at least 1-2 two hours in segregating and organizing the research material that is associated with the work that you intend to critique. At this stage, it is good to understand that a critique does not essentially mean that you have to 'criticize' the work and the arguments in it. If you appreciate the author's work, then you can very well go ahead and applaud it through your writing, as a critical analysis essay is all about expressing your opinion about the work or essay.
Concentrate on the following aspects of the literary work/essay to formulate your critical analysis essay:
Did the author use any sources in the essay? If yes, then how many and what kind of sources has he/she used?
Did the author miss to ask any crucial question? Is the explanation for any particular aspect missing? Would it have been better if the author could have added another perspective?
Did the author substantiate his claims and thesis with enough evidence? Is any evidence missing? If you need more proof, then what kind?
How does the author tackle opposing arguments in his work? Does the author explain why he does not consider conflicting evidence? Did the author explain why his argument in his work is stronger than the opposing argument?
Did he use enough examples in his work to demonstrate the points he conveyed in his work? If yes, then were the examples clear enough?
Is the author's coverage or analysis of the topic comprehensive? Could you find any flawed statements or personal biases in his work?
Is the author's argument persuasive enough? Did it inspire you? If not, then what else could the author would have done to inspire you through his work?
Once you have written down the answers to the above questions, your job is much easier. In fact, once you have completed the above part, and if you have still got at least 5-6 hours to concentrate on the writing work, then you can be sure of coming up with a decent critical analysis essay.

Begin with the Title

Depending on the material that you intend to use in your critical analysis essay, start the actual writing part by coming up with an interesting title. You topic should through on the topic that you are going to discuss in your essay, but should be different than your thesis. Once you have the title ready, you should move on to work on the more crucial aspect of your critical analysis essay that is the thesis.

Formulate Your Thesis Statement

The thesis, for certain, is the most significant part of your essay. It is the central idea of your essay and helps the reader with what to expect from your essay. In simple terms, it is the purpose of your critical analysis essay. While it is the most important part of your essay, a thesis should not be more than two to three sentences long. In fact, it should be a short, crisp, accurately worded declarative statement. Ideally, the thesis statement of your essay should be placed at end of your introductory paragraph.


The main purpose of any essay, including that of a critical analysis essay, is to arouse the interest of the readers. The introduction of a reader should be compelling enough to make the readers go through the remaining essay. An ideal way to begin your essay is to use a quote, question or an anecdote that is associated with the points that you want to make in your essay, especially as the usage of these elements are proven to attract the immediate attention of your readers, thus encouraging them to read the entire essay. It is also essential that you facilitate your readers with background information for choosing this thesis, as it will help the reader understand your stand on the topic.

The Body of the Essay

This is the part of the essay where you need to develop the central idea of your critical analysis essay. A good critical analysis essay has at least three to four paragraphs that support your thesis statement. You can quote from the original text to make your point very clear. The body of your essay, in brief, should be an explanation of your ideas, arguments and the evidences that you use to strengthen your point. You can also use the quotations of personalities or authors of authority in the chosen subject to support your argument. While creating content for the body of your critical analysis essay, it is best to ensure that each paragraph in the body has a topic statement that relates to your thesis statement.


The conclusion of your literary analysis essay should bestow your essay with a sense of comprehensiveness, thus advising your readers that they have reached the end of your critical analysis essay. One of the best ways to come up with an impressive conclusion is to rephrase your thesis statement, and then include a brief summary of the arguments that you presented in the body of your essay. It is imperative that you do not introduce a new topic or argument in your conclusion, as it will deviate the reader from the actual arguments that you discussed in your critical analysis essay.
By following the methods mentioned in this article, you are sure to come up with an essay that is impressive. When you are writing an essay in 24 hours, it is crucial that you use each and every minute very carefully so that the time and effort that you are investing in your essay, should add value to your critical analysis essay.
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