On-line marketing tools, writing tasks on Marketing

On-line marketing tools: what helps to complete writing tasks on Marketing

Aug 30, 2012
The use of online marketing tools helps to streamline a marketing writer's effort in the right direction. In fact, the use of the internet will vastly increase your client base, expand your portfolio and generally improve your skills. Online marketing requires that you set up a website, create social media accounts and of course update your blog with relevant and fresh information. It is easy to get swamped under the pressure of completing several writing tasks on your social media accounts. Streamlining your online efforts will ensure that you work smarter and not harder. It will also improve your results within a limited time frame. Below are some online marketing tools to help you streamline and complete writing tasks on marketing.


This is a social media automation tool that will automatically scour the RSS feed of a website. It will automatically post any new content or page to your social media sites. It works best when you connect your social media account to your Dlvr.It account. Configurations are necessary before you can get the full benefits of Dlvr.It. This tool is an essential writer's marketing toolkit. It is also good to point out at this stage that Dlvr.It does not just post your newest blog posts you need to take it a step further by making sure that your social media connections are adequately engaged by adding outside links to industry news and other credible sources.


This is a social media dashboard where you can connect your facebook, twitter, linkedin, foursquare, badoo and other social media accounts. On set up, it is possible to post your content to all of the social media you are connected to all at once. It does not come free however. There are free and paid plans. The free plan is mainly meant for light users. Moderate and heavy users can always upgrade to the paid plan to get more features and flexibility. It also comes with an iPhone application that wil appeal to people on the move.


ManageWp is used to manage WordPress blogs. Having multiple accounts with WordPress is not often easy to manage. This can easily be made up for by using ManageWP. Even though WordPress offers users much flexibility, it is not often easy to do so many things all at once. ManageWP helps users to monitor and manage their WordPress accounts. It is a contender considering that the monthly fee is nominal. It is a good tool to use when you are thinking of completing marketing writing tasks.


Another good alternative to WordPress would be Weebly. It is attractive and easy to use. It is also free if you intend to have just two accounts but it will cost if your account exceeds two. It features blog software; drag and drop interface and access to many useful tools. High end options are available in Weebly. Users have the option of password protection, embedding videos and removing footer message.


Zoho is a software program that is web-based that offers the possibility of blogging, using of clips, books and other forms of web copy. Any information entered in Zoho is stored in their servers and can be accessed from anywhere. It is also possible to have an upgrade with includes features like project management and word processor. It is an option for those that can't afford Microsoft Word software program.
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