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Cause and effect essay writing: structure tips and topic ideas
Cause and effect essay writing

Cause and effect essay writing: structure tips and topic ideas

Nov 02, 2012
Almost everything that happens around us has something causing it to happen and has some effect after it happens. It is quite normal for many of us to analyze the reasons or causes behind certain actions that we witness on a daily basis. Most of us are also interested in understanding the effects of a few actions, so that we can equip ourselves to accept the after-effect of an incident. This analytical ability among the writers plays an important role while writing a cause and effect essay. An essay is a piece of writing which expresses the point of view of the author, and hence the analytical ability of the author in finding the causes and effects. Of the many types of essays, cause and effect essay is one which mainly aims to focus on the causes and/or the effects of an incident. Hence, the cause and effect essays are objective and often have a strong argument. There are few essays which focus only on the causes and a few that focus only on the effects, however both the causes and effects are discussed most of the time. Here are a few tips to help you write a more structured cause and effect essay:
  • Most of us get confused between a cause and an effect, so it is very important to differentiate between the causes and effects of the incident to write a cause and effect essay.
  • Before you actually start writing the essay on any given topic, take time to research and explore to find facts and examples of the incidents and then list all the possible causes and effects of the incident. Do not think if the cause or effect that you are about to list is relevant or not, just keep adding to the list as much as you can.
  • Once the list of causes and effects is ready, you can review it to keep only the relevant and most important causes and effects that contribute to your essay. Do not try to include everything that you have.
  • Like the other essays, the cause and effect essay should also be written in a particular essay format, consisting of a title, introduction, body and the conclusion.
  • Choose an appropriate title for your essay which would easily convey the idea of your essay to the reader. For example, the effects of pollution, Causes of Cancer and its effects, etc.
  • Include a thesis or a statement outlining your analysis on the causes and the effects of the incident in the introduction of the essay. A brief background to the cause of the incident should also be provided here in a significant manner.
  • Usually, the first part of the body of the essay is used to explain the causes of the incident and the next part of the body to explain the effects of the incident. The last part of the body is used to relate the causes to the effects of the essay.
  • It is recommended to present the causes in chronological manner, and then relate then to the effects of the incident. You can also use a reverse approach by discussing each fact and then tracing back to the root cause of this effect.
  • Use as many facts and examples as you can while explaining or arguing on the causes and effects of the incident in order to support your point of view.
  • Conclusion should be a recap of the causes and effects of the incident while reflecting your point of view and the analysis of the incident. In topics which are broad, where the effects are ill and affecting mankind or the nature, you can include an appeal to the audience to prevent the causes of such incidents to stop the ill-effects.
  • Proofread the essay and review it twice and consider any re-structuring the essay if required other than correcting the typo and grammatical errors. Ensure that the paragraphs in the body are structured and connected to one another in a logical way.

Given Below are Few Sample Topics:

Causes and effects of global warming

In this essay, you can discuss the causes of global warming such as industrialization, pollution, and deforestation etc., and then relate to the effects such as rise in the sea levels, strong hurricanes, extinction of species etc. You can also appeal the audience to take necessary actions or contribute to prevent the global warming.

Causes and effects of Sleep disorders

You can start the essay by discussing the effects of sleep disorder as poor health condition, relatively stressed mind, irritation, etc., and then discuss the causes to this which are working in shifts, improper eating habits, excessive coffee intake etc., You can also provide tips that can be followed to avoid sleep disorder.

Causes of cancer and its effects

This kind of topic might give you more causes and less effects or sometimes only one effect. Here you can write the causes of cancer as use of tobacco, infections caused by radiations, obesity etc. The effect of cancer broadly is death, but you can also narrow down to describe smaller effects such as multi-organ failure, trauma, depression etc.

Why are students opting for online classes?

You can start with a brief background on classroom studies in the past and the transition to online teaching aids. Here you can discuss the reasons why students these days are opting for online classes such as comfort of learning at home, flexibility of time, and the effects of it such as lack of interaction, group classroom fun etc.

The effects of smoking

The above topic suggests an effects essay, where only the effects are discussed. You can discuss about the effects such as cancer, weak immune system, breathing problems etc. You can also try to include facts and statistics. For example, a report states that around 4.9 million people die per year due to smoking worldwide. You can also give a brief background to the topic by using historical facts such as: The history of smoking has been traced to 5000 BC.
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