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Business coursework writing guidelines
business coursework writing guidelines

Business coursework writing guidelines

Sep 11, 2012
A business course work is given to students during Business courses. A business coursework counts towards the final grade or mark awarded to the student. It is usually carried out by undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students. It is expected that on the completion of a course the student must have gained some analytical and problem solving skills that help to both in professional carrier as well as personal life.
Writing a coursework on Business requires the core knowledge of the subject at hand. For a coursework to be successful, the student must have a firm grasp of classroom topics taught during his course of study. The guideline for writing a business course is set forth as follows.


Before completing and submitting a course work, a student is expected to write a title page. The title page gives the name of the student, his unique student number, the name of the tutor or lecturer in charge of the course, the course code if any and the date of submission. This information is important because they ensure that the course work being submitted actually belongs to the student in question. It also ensures that the course work being submitted is the one that was assigned. A business course work should not lack this feature.


A business course work must have an aim or hypothesis. This feature explains to the reader the purpose for which the coursework was given. A hypothesis is based on the assumption of the student. For example if a student was asked to carry out a survey as a part of his coursework, the student is expected to give beforehand a hypothesis that states what the survey is expected to achieve.


When appropriate, a Business coursework should specifically state the location of study. For example, if the student was given company A to study, it is expected that details such as the location of company A be explicitly stated. The structure of company A should also be mentioned. Any other information deemed to be useful or unique to the position of company A to the subject matter should be mentioned.


The background of study should be stated. Our company A above needs to have an origin. The student can begin by telling his readers how company A originated. What company A has done to come this far. The perceived future of company A as stated in their aims and objectives. Such information forms the background of a study.


In addition to a Business coursework having sections like methodology, results, analysis, discussion and conclusion where appropriate, it is equally important that it has a visible evaluation. The evaluation gives the overall feeling or facts presented by the students. It tells whether the purpose of the course work was indeed achieved or if further work needs to be done in this regard. An evaluation leaves the reader with a feeling of having completed a written piece of work. As much as possible, personal emotions should be put aside and only facts presented. This ensures a more accurate presentation of evaluation.
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